Guidelines & Rules

Rules of Castle and Ride Hire
Please download/print the PDF file and present upfront signed with payment on day of hire.
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Hirer's Disclaimer
Recommended for the parents/guardians of guest children to sign.
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Hirer agrees and acknowledges that injury is a risk factor when partaking in any sporting activity and hirer personally accepts this risk when hiring equipment and agrees not hold A ABOUT CHILDRENS PARTYENTERTAINMENT TAS RED HOT FUN FOR KIDS responsible for any injury not caused by a pre-existing fault of the hire equipment prior to use. The hirer will inform or all persons using the equipment that they do so at their own risk. Hirer will inform all persons using the equipment that injuries may occur and that persons use the equipment at their own risk.

1. Red Hot Fun For Kids provides the hire of inflatable Castles and Rides soley as equipment hire only.

2. Hirer acknowledges and agrees that Red Hot Fun For Kids does not provide nor claims to provide actual childcare services and that any supervision services offered to the hirer pertain strictly to supervision of operation of the actual equipment only, while in use during the hire period.

3. Hirer acknowledges that the hirer and/or individual children's parents are responsible for the physical safety of their children and the supervision and childcare of their children's activities.

4. Children with medical conditions and allergies may not be permitted to jump or slide or ride on equipment. The hirer agrees that it is hirer's duty of care to obtain this information from all children’s parents or primary care givers and inform the Supervisor of Equipment or Activities of which particular children are not permitted to partake in certain activities which may include any one or all of the following, jumping, sliding, riding, dancing, swimming, craft making or participating in certain games or usage of certain products (example paints, glue) that may be provided by A About Childrens Party Entertainment in conjunction to the hirers requests.

6. Hirer acknowledges and agrees that Red Hot Fun For Kids accepts no responsibility for personal injury  caused to a hirer or to a guest of the hirer through use of the equipment.

7. Hirer acknowledges and agrees that injury is a risk factor when partaking in any sporting activity and hirer personally accepts this risk when hiring Equipment and agrees not to hold Red Hot Fun For Kids responsible for any injury not caused specifically by a pre existing fault of the equipment prior to hire.

8. Hirer agrees to strictly adhere to the safety guidelines of Equipment Hire:

  •  Children will be required to remove shoes and or any sharp instruments whilst using hire equipment.

  • Children must not carry on their person, any sharp instrument or instruments that may cause injury to other persons or equipment. Children must not take BBQ implements such as Kebab Skewers etc near the castle. Please keep a watchful eye for these materials.

  • No Food or Drink Allowed on the Equipment.
  • Children who play rough on the equipment or towards other children will be required to discontinue use of the equipment. An initial ten minute ban will be implemented.
  • Children must be aged between 1 and 12 years of age to be permitted to use equipment.

  • Children with Face Paint must be wearing water based face paint. Please check that the face paint is not oil based paint as it will stain the equipment. A cleaning fee will be charged if equipment is stained.
  • Safety netting of equipment is not for bouncing off. Children who purposely bounce off the nets must be instructed not to continue doing so.
  • Older children and bigger children may cause injury to younger and smaller jumpers or riders. Therefore no more then 6 children who must be of similar age and or size may be permitted to jump at the same time on the small castle. No more than 10 children of similar age and size may be permitted to jump on the large castle at the same time. No more than 2 persons side by side may be permitted to slide down the waterslide slope at the same time.
  •  To minimise injury factor, jumpers must be of same age or size.
  • Equipment hire use will cease when weather does not permit safe enjoyment of equipment. If Weather becomes too wet or windy, the hire of the equipment will be stopped for safety reasons.
  • Persons who ignore safety guidelines will not be permitted to continue using equipment.
  • For persons physical safety, the Power supply to equipment must be constant and uninterrupted during hire period and including when any person is still using the equipment.
  • Inflatables can fully deflate within seconds of an interrupted Power source. To avoid suffocation, If Power failure occurs for any reason, all persons must be immediately evacuated from the equipment and accounted for. Do a head count and be sure that no child remains within the collapsed inflatable!
  • No persons other then provided Supervisors are to attempt to set up or dismantle hire equipment. Except in special circumstances. If there has been a power source interruption or failure then Hirer should attempt to inflate castle again. If the Hirer feels the need to tie off the castle in addition to pegging down the castle then the hirer should take the extra precaution and do so.
  • Equipment requires to be set up, no more then 20 metres from power supply and must be kept clear from overhead wires. Approximately one metre clearance is required around the castle.
  • Red Hot Fun for Kids reserves the right not to set up equipment for use, if you have loose soil, sand based soil or an uneven ground base that will cause the pegs used to anchor the equipment to come loose.
  • All hire equipment, whether hired supervised or unsupervised must be supervised by a person over the age of 18.
  • Hirer or Parents must supervise and provide child care to all children outside of the equipment. Red Hot Fun For Kids staff or contractors do not provide a comprehensive childcare service but are available to provide basic supervision services of equipment or activities only upon request.
  • Supervisor of equipment reserves the right to not allow entry to any persons who are considered to present any risk factor to the equipment or themselves or any other persons using the equipment.
  •  In regards to Entertainers. Hirer upon booking with Red Hot FunFor Kids accepts and agrees to the following terms of liability. Red Hot Fun For Kdis acts as a booking agent that engages the services of Independent Contractors. Contractors are not staff. The Contractor is totally responsible for providing their own liability insurance and professional indemnity to adequately cover any liability that the contractor may incur. Red Hot Fun For Kids accepts no responsibility in the performance of the contract with Red Hot Fun For Kids. Simply put, any injury to person or property caused by a contractor in the performance of the contract with Red Hot Fun For Kids is a legal matter between the Hirer and the Contractor whom is the Entertainer. And the Hirer agrees not to hold Red Hot Fun For Kids or any of it's inflatables operators or supervisors responsible for any injury that may result during the use of equipment hire and that the hirer acknowledges and agrees that the Hirer is the responsible party whilst Hirer is in possession of equipment.
  • Red Hot Fun For Kids requires Contractors to hold a current government appointed 'Working with Children Blue Card'. Hirer agrees to ask Contractors to show their Blue Card and corresponding photographic identification to the hirer prior to commencement of working with or alongside of children at the hirer's event or function. The viewing of Blue Cards and photographic identification by the hirer prevents any Contractor whose services have not legitimately been engaged by Red Hot Fun For Kdis from entering your function or premises illegitimately.
  •  Hirer agrees to pay in full, full payment for services and hire prior to commencement of services and hire. Personal Cheques are not accepted. Cash is accepted upfront on the day of hire or alternatively Credit Card Payments or Business Cheques are accepted 5 working days prior to a booking date but no later.

  • Red Hot Fun For Kids has an absolute no refund policy for booking deposits and booking payments upon client cancelling a booking. We will have turned away other legitimate clients to take your booking and we consider the payment compensation for loss of income. Clients are welcome to reschedule a booking without losing the deposit/payment.
  •  Although Contractors and Staff expect occasional misbehaviour from children, hirer must agree to take reasonable and responsible measures to prevent any violent verbal or physical behaviour from any person be it Adult or Child toward any Contractor or Staff provided by A About Childrens Party Entertainment to the hirer. Hirer agrees that In circumstances where unacceptable behaviour towards Contractors or Staff has occurred, that services will be cancelled without refund.
  •  Hirer agrees to explain within reason to all persons, individuals and guests the expected rules of decent behaviour toward Contractors and Staff and the rules of engagement of equipment use.