Broken Down Car Race

Objective: A relay race where each player is a different broken car part! Noisy fun!
Categories: Relay Race, Birthdays, Kids
Game type: Active. A lot of movement may be required.
Players: 6 or more players.
Needed: None
Rules: In the broken-car relay, each team runs three continuous races. In each race they will pretend that they're part of a car with a problem, such as a stuck horn that's blaring incessantly or windshield wipers that won't stop moving. The children run the race acting out what's broken. For example, if the car is stuck in reverse, the children will run backwards. Before each race begins, tell the runners what problems their car will have. 

Choose a starting point and a turnaround line that are about 20 feet apart and then divide the children into two teams, or have them pick which team they want to be in. Each team should line up single file behind the starting line. 

At your signal, the race begins. One by one the children run to the turnaround line and back while pretending to be the car with the first problem. 

After all the children on one team have had the first problem, they run again, this time with the second problem and then the third. The first team that completes all three of the relays wins the race.
Variation: Shorten the number of races to prevent restlessness if there are too many of them. Young children may have a hard time figuring out what motions to use while they run. You can always give them ideas or help them to come up with their own.

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