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The small castle is an open top bouncy castle suitable for shady areas or for cool weather days. It has an inflatable mat barrier at the entrance for safety and also for easy entry and exit. Bouncy castle hire for boys and girls party fun Caboolture | Brisbane North For castle hires call local castle operator direct: Beau 0413102289. 

Sunshine Coast Jump Castle and Brisbane Castle Hire City 

For castle hires call local castle operator direct: Beau 0413102289. c

Castles for toddlers and kids birthday party hire.

This castle specifically has a lower bounce capacity therefore making jumping fun yet safe for small children. Suitable for small children aged 1 to 5 years. Popular for ages up to 8 years and can be booked for ages 0yrs to 10yrs.

If it's looking like rain and you have a good sized carport | garage, we could set this castle up under cover. But check your measurements first.

Approximate measurements of this castle are: Princess Castle: width - 4 metres (13ft) x length - 6 metres (19.8ft) height - 3 metres (10ft)

* The base of open roofed castles can get very hot when set up in a no shade area on sunny days. Please ask the children to wear their socks when jumping on hot weather days to prevent hot feet.

* Please refer to our rules and guidelines for our Terms of Hire and Safety Instructions.

* Disclaimer must be signed or no hire. (Please go to the 'Rules & Regs' page, read the general rules and guidelines and also click on each of the pdf files. Read, print and sign. One of the pdf files is a disclaimer for you, 'the hirer' to sign, releasing our business /staff/contractors/supervisors from any liability relating to accident or injury in relation to the use of our castles/slides/equipment. The other is a disclaimer which releases you from liability and it is your choice/option to have signed by your guests. It can be sent home with your party invites for party guests parents or guardians to sign) * for corporate hire, we will bring the 2nd disclaimer along with us to the event and ensure that children are signed on by a parent or guardian on behalf of the hirer.

* Supervision of castle is available. Simply request this service on booking.

* Please keep in mind we need access to Electricity/Power within 20 meters of castle set up location.

* If you do not have access to an electricity/power source, Generator hire is available at $80 and MUST be requested on booking. We cannot provide generators with little or no notice.

*Beau's castle hire is not affilliated with Red Hot Fun For Kids. The terms of hire must be negotiated with him direct. 

For castle hires call local castle operator direct: Beau 0413102289.


  • Price:
  • (4 hours) $150 Brisbane - City to Chermside to Redcliffe to Caboolture to Woodford
  • (4 hours) $150 Sunshine Coast - Cabolture to Caloundra
  • Cheapest Small to medium Castle Hire in North Brisbane City to North Lakes, Scarborough to Landsborough. Plus we offer FREE Supervision because we care. Castle: width - 4 metres (13ft) x length - 6 metres (19.8ft) height - 3 metres (10ft)

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