Balloon Toss

Objective: A swimming/water game for hot days using water balloons.
Categories: Swimming Pool
Game type: Active. A lot of movement may be required.
Players: 2 or more players.
Needed: Swimming pool, Water balloons
Rules: Have the kids wait in a designated area in the water and  pair them up in teams of two. One child in the water and their partner stands out of the water at the edge of the pool.  Partner one tosses water water balloons to partner 2 to catch. After throwing a couple, tell them that they don't get anymore unless they sing a song (try nursery rhymes). Every time  the partner in the pool catches a wtaer balloon without it bursting, the partner in the pool takes a step back and Partner one throws another water balloon. If a water balloon bursts then that team is out. Continue this until one team is left.

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