Party Game Ideas

Egg & Spoon Race

Objective: A relay race where you try not to drop the Egg. 
Categories: Relay Race,
Game type: Active. A lot of movement may be required.
Players: 6 or more players.
Needed: Boiled Eggs and Spoon for each Team.
Rules: Divide players into teams of two. For each team, one player stands at one end of the field and the other player at the other end. In turn each player must hold onto a plastic spoon and boiled egg.  You can only use one hand to hold the spoon. First team member runs to the meet the other team member without the egg dropping from the spoon, then run back to start where the next player repeats the process etc. until one team finishes and wins. Teams are eliminated as the eggs are dropped. Drop the egg, your team is out.

Potatoe Sack Race

Objective: A race where you jump in potato sacks
Categories: Race
Game type: Active. A lot of movement may be required.
Players: 10 or more players.
Needed: Potato Sack needed for each competitor
Rules: This game is really fun to make a movie of and watch later. Especially if your camera or VCR allows you to run the movie backwards. In turn each player must put on a potato sack over their feet then hop as fast as they can to the finish line. First to cross the Finish Line wins.

Vegemite race

Objective: A race to eat spoonfuls of  Vegemite
Categories: Adults, Singles
Game type: Passive. Little or no movement is required.
Players: 2 or more players.
Needed: Vegemite and plastic spoons
Rules: Contestants take two large spoonfuls of Vegemite and stick the Vegemite on the roof of their mouth. The ref says "go!". The first team/player to eat all the Vegemite wins. Close calls must be decided by the ref. This can also be played as a relay race with teams.

Mum & Dad Balloon Smush

Objective: A relay race game where you pop balloons using only your stomachs and/or bottoms.
Categories: Mum And Dad , Couples
Game type: Active. A lot of movement may be required.
Players: 6 or more players.
Needed: Balloons
Rules: It is best if the groups are couples and perhaps opposite sex. Each group of two has to pop the balloon using only hands, stomachs and bottoms. No feet allowed. It is permissible to use a body part of another team member to help pop the balloon. For example, one person might try to smush the balloon between their torso and another's bottom.

Bucket Toss

Objective: Toss a ball into five buckets of water in order to win.
Categories: Outdoors, Children under 5
Game type: Active. A lot of movement may be required.
Players: 2 or more players.
Needed: 5 buckets One small ball Water
Rules: Line up 5 buckets with water in them (first bucket close and the fifth bucket would be farthest). Mark a start line about ten feet away (or closer for pre-schoolers). Each player stands at the start line and tosses a small ball into the buckets of water starting with the closest. The ball must land in the buckets in numerical order (first bucket, second bucket etc.) If a ball lands in a bucket out of numerical order then the child's turn is over. The child who tosses the ball into the buckets in order wins!

Balloon Pumping race

Objective: Teams race to blow up balloons until they explode.
Categories: Relay Race, Birthdays, Kids, Halloween
Game type: Active. A lot of movement may be required.
Players: 4 or more players.
Needed: Balloons and bicycle tire pumps.
Rules: Divide into teams of two. Using balloon pumps or bike pumps and attach a balloon to the nozzle. The kids have to pump the pumps or bounce up and down on the pumps until the balloon bursts. The first to burst wins. If you only have two pumps you can set up a small tournament single elimination style until one team wins.

Broken Down Car Race

Objective: A relay race where each player is a different broken car part! Noisy fun!
Categories: Relay Race, Birthdays, Kids
Game type: Active. A lot of movement may be required.
Players: 6 or more players.
Needed: None
Rules: In the broken-car relay, each team runs three continuous races. In each race they will pretend that they're part of a car with a problem, such as a stuck horn that's blaring incessantly or windshield wipers that won't stop moving. The children run the race acting out what's broken. For example, if the car is stuck in reverse, the children will run backwards. Before each race begins, tell the runners what problems their car will have. 

Choose a starting point and a turnaround line that are about 20 feet apart and then divide the children into two teams, or have them pick which team they want to be in. Each team should line up single file behind the starting line. 

At your signal, the race begins. One by one the children run to the turnaround line and back while pretending to be the car with the first problem. 

After all the children on one team have had the first problem, they run again, this time with the second problem and then the third. The first team that completes all three of the relays wins the race.
Variation: Shorten the number of races to prevent restlessness if there are too many of them. Young children may have a hard time figuring out what motions to use while they run. You can always give them ideas or help them to come up with their own.

Find Your Prize

Objective: Kids follow their string or yarn to a prize.
Categories: Kids
Game type: Active. A lot of movement may be required.
Players: 2 or more players.
Needed: Long, long pieces of string or yarn for each player Block of wood or toilet paper roll for each player
Rules: Great for the kids where you want to give each child a prize. For each child you will need a small block of wood or toilet paper roll wrapped with a very long (several yards) piece of yarn. Make sure each child has a different color yarn. Just before the start unwrap the yarn by winding it back and forth, over and under and through trees, shrubs obstacle etc. At the end of each piece of yarn tie a prize. Give them their block and let them wind up the yarn as they follow the string to the prize.

Cake Walk

Objective: Win baked goodys or prizes by being on the right number when the music stops.
Categories: Groups, Kids, Adults, Teens, Ice Breakers
Game type: Active. A lot of movement may be required.
Players: 10 or more players.
Needed: Baked goods or prizes.
Rules: Mark off a circle in the walk area with numbered squares and have corresponding tickets numbered in a jar or hat. Usually you'll want to have at least 12 to 18 squares, players and tickets. Players are to start out standing on a square that is numbered, one person per square. Announce the baked good or prize for the current round. Start playing music and then stop it after 10-30 seconds. When you it stops players should end up on a numbered square. Once everyone has a number to stand on, pull out a numbered ticket randomly from the jar or hat. The player standing on the corresponding number wins the baked goody or prize. This is a very popular game so make sure that you have a lot of numbered squares. If no one is standing on one of the numbers pulled, pull out another number until someone wins.

Clothes Pin Relay

Objective: A relay race where teams try to drop clothes pins in a cup from between their knees.
Categories: Relay Race, Birthdays, Kids, Adults, Baby Showers, Singles
Game type: Active. A lot of movement may be required.
Players: 6 or more players.
Needed: Clothes pins (one per player) and 2 cups
Rules: Divide into two teams. Determine a start and finish line about 10 feet apart. Place a large mouth cup (something with an opening about 4-5 inches across) at the finish line for each team. Each player must place a clothes pin between their knees and waddle to the finish line and drop the clothes pin into the cup without using their hands. Teams race against each other! After both teams are done, the teams who managed to get the most in the cup wins!